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Friday, July 20, 2012

Research on Awana Genting

Research question: Has there ever been weird or scary incidents at Awana Genting?

Hypothesis: Yes.

Research venue: Awana Genting

Stay period: 19-20 July

y u so long wan

ahhahaaha the title sounds so misleading right.
anyways i have always thought Awana Genting was relatively safe (meaning no ghosts there) seeing as there's the Temple so nearby right? well i was wrong.

Before dinner that night i was chatting with Tiffany while waiting for the van to arrive and drop us off at the Pasar Ikan for dinner (awesome place btw the ambience is very very good), so i was telling her i had to sleep alone cuz loverboy left already to KL. but she was all like "no lah so far there has never been any incidences in Awana", everything that we heard or all the rumours only came from Genting Highlands aka First World area above us.

and also my temple theory lahh, so i thought we were all safe and happy. yayyy!

After dinner (i made arrangements with Yen Ling to sleep in her room) i went back to my room on the first floor. You have to understand that in Awana the rooms are not aboveground (ie above the lobby). they are underground. meaning that you take the lift DOWN instead of up to your rooms. like this.

So i was at the first floor and everybody else at the 6th T-T
and i dunno why all our rooms were at the end of the corridor. so you have to walk along the corridor until the end where your room is.


1. long, quiet corridors
i didn't know how scary it was until i walked back to my room alone after dinner, i was the only one at the first floor so i plodded tiredly to my room. squish squish squish squish, said my shoes. after walking a few steps i felt SO SCARED ALREADY. the feeling like someone was watching you? and the hair on your arms are all standing and freakily weird and all the sounds around you are amplified ten times? that feeling.

So i was too cowardly to even turn around and see what was there so i just scurried to the end of the corridor *freaked out to the max*, expecting to feel safe when i get into my cuddly, warm, cozy room. i slot the card inside, and went into my room and closed the door behind me with a breath of relief.

living area and kitchen

corridor outside bedroom
love the design by the way

corridor from entrance


the awesome shower room,
i miss it already

see me? <3

THEN the quiet hit me. like literally, in the gut or something. if i said that the corridor was scary just now, it just got to a whole new level after i got into the room.

Ending of this story? packed my overnight bag, called loverboy and chatted all the while pretending everything was fine (even in the lift to the sixth floor) and into Mokky's room.
if you think this is normal and i was overreacting, i shall tell you that EVERYONE, everyone that i talked to, felt exactly the same when they walked alone to their rooms. 

2. mirrors
WHY are there so many mirrors in the suites? In mine not so many lah, but in the rooms at 6th floor there's one at the entrance of the suite, one in the bathroom, one in the shower (why lah you need to watch yourself shower meh?), one acting as the wardrobe doors (yes delightedly facing you when you sleep), one at the dressing table, and one whole stretch as the wall in the living area -.-

6 HUGE mirrors in less than 800sqft. WHY.

3. the noises we heard.
Yen Ling heard crying sounds when we were talking about ghost stories.
Rayyan and Hu Boon heard singing when in their rooms.
Red pen (hahah in english, she's Pen Merah) heard the pattering of feet outside the bedroom (yes IN her suite).

4. one freaky incident (to be taken lightly?)
when we were dishing out everything we heard this morning at the Rajawali restaurant, (we didn't discuss them last night. not mentioned at all.) and we were going on and on again about what we had experienced before, the lights above our table flickered twice. the ones ONLY above our table.

5. the door with no number?
On the sixth floor there is a stretch of doors without the card keys slot to open them. they use key holes. and one of this such doors has no number. go figure.

used to have one there. see the edges?
6. lack of stories or records on Google
yes i googled the door and any scary stories. there are NONE.
okay i said it to be dramatic, there are a couple of stories but none as how we experienced lah.
so i am wondering why. go figure also.

As im typing this now i feel abit spooked out already. owh well, lights off and bedtime.
wish me a good night's sleep with sweet dreams?

she reminds me of Debbie Lee,
that's why we can click i guess!
missing her dah.



  1. If you go to my room, even scarier. Everything looks so old, and rusty. AND WHY SO MANY MIRRORS WTF ???

    1. i thought yours was safer! old and rusty??! @.@

  2. *shivering* this place has got to be my first eerie and scary experience in a hotel

    1. same here mokky! no worries we got each other mah Xp